Are you an artist/creative who is looking to build a business doing what you love? Are you a master at your craft but are not sure how to conduct the “business” side of your business? Maybe you have established your business but are in need of help with ideas, accountability, and regular sanity checks. If any of this sounds like you, perhaps you need a coach. I’m here to help! 

As an artist & business professional, I’ve learned the ins and outs of what it takes to run and sustain a small business and I want to share my knowledge with other artists and creatives in need.

Topics We Can Cover

  • Business Planning Foundations
  • Setting Up an Online Presence
  • Brand Identity 
  • Marketing Basics
  • Social Media Tools
  • Business Writing
  • Admin & Organizational Tools
  • & much more!

Who is this for?

My coaching services are tailored for artists and creatives who are looking to create a business doing what they love. 

Maybe you’re just starting out, in the beginning stages of your business, or are just stuck in a rut. 

We all need someone in our corners to cheer us on and to help guide us along our journeys. I’d love to be this person for you!

What an accountability coach can do for you

  • CLARITY & FOCUS - Breaking down the negative roadblocks in your mind - reframing your mindset for success
  • GOALS - Help with setting goals & milestones and creating pathways to stick to them 
  • ADAPTING - Every plan is susceptible to setbacks, help with pivoting and pushing through issues when needed

What I offer:

  • Coaching and consulting specific to artists, creatives, and makers
  • Dedicated accountability coaching
  • Regular 15 & 30 minute check-ins 
  • Extensive list of resources, articles, videos, referrals to specialists of other fields, etc. 
  • Free initial visit for chatting & assessing your vision and goals
  • Consistent support and feedback, even when we’re not actively working together
  • Assistance with business writing and planning
  • Providing honest and supportive feedback to help you be your most productive self

What I DON'T offer:

  • I’m not qualified for help in your personal life and on behavioral topics. 
  • I can not guarantee any type of success in your business. I can however help you navigate business topics and ideas that can help you become your most productive self.
  • Legal or financial advice - Being that I’m not a lawyer or a CPA, I do not want any of my clients to take my words blindly. Any and all recommendations are provided as a reference point and I expect all of my clients to do their own research and to seek their own professional advice as needed.

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